Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girl's Camp 2010- Behold! A Royal Army

Well, this was probably my last year to go to girls camp for a while.  I had a good run (4 years).  The girls this year were the best bunch of girls!  (no offense to previous  They had the most spirit, they were the loudest, and they got along GREAT!!!  No DRAMA!!!  We (the leaders) absolutely loved that!Here are some pics of our awesome girls at Camp Shadow Pines...

Our great bunch of girls (including our YCLS)!

Sis Jensen and Sis Williams

Me and Sis Geisler

Me and Chey on the hike

Be Loyal to the Royal in you!!

The girls with Sis Cronin

All of us



Bishop and the girls flexing their muscles...:)

Evans can't HANDLE girls camp!

Chey  :)

The three amigos

Now it's WAR!!

Bro and Sis Rash

Heidi (Hampton Ward)

Courtney (Hampton Ward)

They were both honorary Baywoodites for the 4 days!  :)

We had such a great time (as always)!  Thanks girls for making my last the best!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I LOVE Saving Money!!!

Ok...for those of you that really know me, you know that I did CouponSense about 4 or 5 years ago.  Well, I had to stop because I couldn't afford it.  I know that sounds weird, but between the monthy dues and the 4 Sunday Newspapers, I just couldn't do it.  Well, fast forward 4 or 5 years and I'm at it again (even though I still have some stuff from my CP days!)  On Facebook, I have signed up for a few money savers that show up on my post everyday.  Today was my first coupon trip back, and it was AWESOME!  Here's the rundown:

  7th Generation dish soap- Normally 2.69- Paid .69
Grape Nuts-Normally 2.69-Paid .69
Jergens Glow lotion-Normally 1.99 (trial size)-FREE!
Gillette Body Wash-Normally 2.99-Bought 1 got 1 Free-Paid 1.49 each
Degree Men's  2 pack (bought2)-Normally 4.29-Paid 1.29 (each 2 pack)
Degree singles (bought 4)-Normally 1.97 each-Paid .47 each
Suave Deoderant 2 packs (bought 2)-Normally 2.94-FREE!!
Aquafresh kids toothpste-Normally 1.62-Paid .12
Nextcare Kids Bandages-Normally 1.84-Paid .34
and NYC Lipshine-Normally 1.72-Paid .50

(and then I bought an ink cartridge which was HALF my total!)

So my total bill would've been $55.80 and I ended up paying $23.35.

WHOO HOO!!!!   More to come later!  :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

9th Anniversary

So yesterday was Mine and Aaron's 9th Anniversary.   Saturday night Aaron and I went out to dinner.   We went to the Brazilian Bull Steakhouse in Ahwatukee.

They bring out all these different kinds of meat (16 to be exact) on skewers and cut it right onto your plate.  The Roast Beef was my favorite!  :)  They also had fresh pineapple skewers...everytime Aaron saw the pineapple he would turn the cylinder to green.  YUM!

This is the appetizer/salad bar.  They have everything from salad to calamari and crab legs to potato salad. 
Aaron tried the calamari and octopus, but it wasn't his favorite.  :)

They brought Spanikopita and Rice Balls around, too.  They were SO good!!  The service was excellent!  They wouldn't leave you alone unless your cylinder was on red.  It was pretty pricey ($31 per person...drinks and dessert not included)...but worth it for something special! 
We also decided that next year we should do an Alaskan Cruise for our 10th.  YEAH!!!

After dinner we went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard...YUM. 
 (That's one of the places Aaron took me on our first date.)  :)

Girls' Night Out

On Friday the 14th, Aaron, Brett, Zac, Cameron, Dad, James, Ben, and Hunter all went to Dad's Fathers and Sons. So all the girls got together at Village Inn and had dinner (thanks Dad!).


And then after the dinner Chey and I went to see Letters to Juliet.  LOVED IT!!!

It was a good night!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

A week and a half ago, the family and Cecilia went to the open house of the Gila Valley Temple.  We pulled the kids out of school early and headed to Pima.  We got there a few minutes early, but they let us go ahead anyway.  Yay... no waiting!  The temple is beautiful!  It is very small compared to the Mesa Temple, but it is still The House of The Lord.  Beautiful work will go on in that temple, just like all the rest in the world.  We are so lucky to have 3 temples in Arizona and 2 more on the way! Wow!!  After we got through at the temple we stopped at Taylor Freeze (a little mom and pop joint) to eat.  Everyone was happily full as we headed for home. :)  When we were at Taylor Freeze I picked up The Beehive paper.  It had a whole section on the Gila Valley Temple.  It had facts about the 3 temples that we already have built, which I found interesting.  The facts are as follows...

Mesa Temple:
First temple in AZ. Seventh operating temple in the world.
Dedicated in Oct. 1927 by Heber J. Grant
Mesa Temple was the first to present the endowment session in a language other than English.  The first Spanish session was in 1945.
The Mesa Temple has a total floor area of 113,916 sq. feet.

Snowflake Temple:
Second temple in AZ. 108th operating temple in the world.
Dedicated in March 2002 by Gordon B. Hinckley
It was patterned after The Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple.
The Snowflake Temple has a total floor area of 18,621 sq. feet.

Gila Valley Temple:
Third temple in AZ
Will be dedicated on May 23, 2010 (NEXT SUNDAY!!) by Thomas S. Monson
The Gila Valley Temple has a total of 18, 561 sq. feet.

Here are some of the pictures we took at the temple.  It was a VEEERRRRYYYY Windy day!! :)

My gorgeous hubby!  :)

Brett on the way up

Cam and Zac

Chey and Cece

                           The Stained Glass Windows in the back of the temple.

Happy bunch of kids.  :)

Chey laughs at me when I get pics of them walking.  lol

The Angel Moroni

They really like each other...can you tell? 

Our Happy Family!

Gila Valley Temple

Gorgeous pic...

Dinner at Taylor Freeze

Cece was taking pics of Chey's Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets...silly girls!  :)

Cameron fell and scraped his chin after leaving the temple.  :(


Cameron insisted on taking one of me.  :)

It was a fun trip and one we won't forget any time soon.    

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Remembering June Gordon

June Gordon was such a beautiful person.  She loved everyone!  She lived her life to the fullest and her kids and grand kids were her pride and joys.  She was a feisty little thing.  :)  She loved anything that wasn't good for her and she enjoyed it all.  She served everyone in any way that she could.  She was like a mom to me (and many others, too!).  She was always there with a smile on her face.  She loved my kids like they were her own grandchildren. They even called her Grandma June (per her request).  :)  She was an amazing person and she will be missed greatly!  

I like the quote "When we forget ourselves, we often do things that are remembered".  That is Grandma June!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jacque's Sr. Portraits

So, yesterday  morning I woke up @ 3:00.  I went back to sleep and woke up again at 4.  Am I CRAZY you ask...well YES I am!  I was supposed to go take Jacque's pics, so I guess I just didn't want to miss it.  :)

Anyway, she got here @ 6 and we headed out.  The weather was gorgeous!  We had such a blast!!  Well, here are some of the finished product.  It was hard to choose just a few...

I wanted to do so much more, but my computer was being stupid...I'll try again later.  :)